What is a faucet?

Basically a faucet is a website that gives away crypto currencies, they give you a little fraction of various crypto currencies over time, so more time you spend on such sites, more crypto currencies you will earn.

Why those sites should give away crypto currencies?

They give away crypto currencies to promote their other kind of blockchain business, such as trading, investement programs, casino games, mining and other crypto related business.

How do they finance themselve?

Usually the faucet is just one of the multiple faces of a crypto-envolved company, as described above they promote their other businesses such as trading or investement programs, they also get revenues from the advertising placed on their websites.

Is there any risk in using a faucet?

As every thing in this world, yes, there are some risks and that’s why we decided to make this guide to help people avoyd scams, time loss and malicious software such as virus or trackers.
Many faucets on the web are scams, in the meanwhile you are reading this guide, there are hundreds or maybe thousands people losing time or being scammed by fake faucets that do not pay or inject malicious software in your computer.