Introduction and suggestions
This is a list of selected Mining pools where you can mine easy even with a medium power personal computer or with a good laptop.
First, lets say that Java mining (browser mining) is not profitable, all the mining service you will find in internet that offers only browser mining are a loss for the users or a scam, since the computer will consume a lot of power to produce a really low earn. We will point to those service that offers a software to be installed on your PC, Laptop, MAC, Linux.
Unlike browser miners, those softwares have the capabilities to use your CPU and GPU (Central Processing Unit, Graphic Processing Unit), increasing the performance of the hashing process,  you can increase it up to 100 times if you have a good GPU.
Consider that you will be running only one of those programs, running more than one will not increase your earnings, it will just decrease your PC performances or worst crash your PC, so run only ONE miner at a time.

Payment: Faucethub wallet – Direct to external wallet
Software miner and Web miner
Pool currencies: BTC (you can convert it in other crypto currencies)
Faucet: 5 minutes – 3 BTC Satoshi (Average)
Multifaucet: Almost all coins on the market
Other rewards: Games, Offerwalls, PTC, Autofaucet.
Reward point system with various prizes
Referral bonus
Online since: 2018

Payment: Direct To External Wallet(Low fees) – Direct to external wallet (High fees)
Software Miner.
Pool currencies: XMR, ZEC, BTG, ETH, ETC, LTC, BCN, XMC, XDN, AEON, GRIN.
Referral bonus.
Online since: 2016