Lottery ends:

Lottery Jackpot: 10 BTCs.
Signed up users: 2

Last Win: 50 BTCs


To increase the lottery prize you must check in, we add 5 satoshi to the Jackpot for each unique address registered during the whole lottery round, the winner will be choosen randomly at the end of each round. We will send out manually the prize to the winning address within 48 hours from the round end.

Lottery Check-in:

What is Lottery Check-in? Put your Faucetpay address or ExpressCrypto unique ID in the field below and do the Lottery Check-in to be eligible for the current round. Lottery Check-in is a fast captcha to prove that you are a real person and not an automated software. Claiming from the faucet does not make you eligible.

Address or Unique ID: