-NOV 16th 2020 USD Tether TRC-20 Token for Faucetpay added. We have fully implemented the new USD Tether TRC-20 Token (USDT) for Faucetpay users, by now if you are using a Faucetpay address to Log in Softairbay you will be able to claim USD Tether from the faucet, the autofaucet and cashout page. Enjoy!
-NOV 15th 2020 PTC Panel implemented. A new tab called "Adv Panel" has been implemented in the dashboard page, by now you will be able to post your own PTC advertisements on our PTC network and follow em from your ADV Panel. Actually we accept payments only via Faucetpay Merchant API, that means you need a Faucetpay account to proceed with the payment, beside, there are NO FEES on deposits, enjoy. If you are using an Expresscrypto unique id to access Softairbay, don not worry, you will be able to pay with your Faucetpay account without being banned.
More payment methods such as direct BTC and LTC blockchain transactions are being implemented, stay tuned.
-OCT 24th 2020 Mobile version fully implemented. Softairbay has been fully integrated with a brand new mobile version, by now you will be able to browse Softairbay smootly even with your smartphone or tablet. ENJOY! You might be experiencing some bugs as we are still testing and fixing the implementation. We apologize in advance.
-OCT 3rd 2020 Added 2nd and 3rd place to the Daily Lottery. A second and a third place has been added to the lottery system, by now the second place will win 250 CPs and the third place will win 100 CPs. ENJOY!
-AUG 24th 2020 Added 3 new cryptocurrencies, by now you will be able to convert your Claim Points into Digibyte, Tron and Tezos. ENJOY!
-AUG 21th 2020 New level system is online, by now every action on Softairbay.com will increase your experience, every level completed will give a permanent 1% claim bonus. ENJOY! More rewards will be added soon! STAY TUNED!
-AUG 8th 2020 Important change about payout rates. We have implemented real time rates from Coingeko, by now the payout rate of every coin on Softairbay may vary at every claim, the reward is based on the USD exchange.
-AUG 4th 2020 We are glad to announce our new shortlink service shortSAB, shorten urls and earn money. The service is more meant to site owners, however everyone can use it. We pay 0.00015 Bitcoins every 1000 views, 1 view per IP every 24 hours. Every kind of organic traffic is accepted. Click here to register. Removed 5 shortlink services from the Shortlink wall. Added a new Shortlink service: shortSAB. Reward: 14 CP, Views limit: 1.