-AUG 8th 2020
Important change about payout rates. We have implemented real time rates from Coingeko, by now the payout rate of every coin on Softairbay may vary at every claim, the reward is based on the USD exchange.

-AUG 4th 2020
We are glad to announce our new shortlink service shortSAB, shorten urls and earn money. The service is more meant to site owners, however everyone can use it. We pay 0.00015 Bitcoins every 1000 views, 1 view per IP every 24 hours. Every kind of organic traffic is accepted.
Click here to register.
Removed 5 shortlink services from the Shortlink wall.
Added a new Shortlink service: shortSAB. Reward: 14 CP, Views limit: 1.

-JUL 30th 2020
Removed “Exe.io” shortlink service due to SCAM reports and missing views.

-JUL 30th 2020
Added a new Shortlink service: Doctor url. Reward: 14 CP, Views limit: 2.

-JUL 21th 2020
Added PTC task to your dashboard, watch at least 8 PTC ads and get an additional 10 Claim Points reward.

-JUL 19th 2020
Great News for the PTC lovers, we added Pay to Click section to our site, by now you will be able to get claim points by watching websites. Actually is NOT possible to post advertisements, we are working to implement the necessary code to post theme. STAY TUNED!

-JUL 17th 2020
Removed “100Count Clickit” shortlink service due to service shutdown.

-JUL 13th 2020
Added a new Shortlink service: Tmearn. Reward 20 CP.

-JUN 30th 2020
Added miner task. Mine 10 Claim Points and get another 10 CP bonus from your dashboard tasks panel.